In December 2016, we have entered the beta phase of, these the shiny improvements:

Native extension for chrome

you can install clicking here, a FireFox extension will be available soon.

the extension will extract metadata (to get us insight on facebook algorithm) and data ( to enable user to understand the effect, and enable researcher in analyzing how information spread online).

Clear privacy model

only what is shared with the public [] is considered by the experiment, see the Privacy Statement.

Parsing happen server side

once the HTML snippet is collected, multiple small tasks extract the meaning from it If you want, for example, implement an image analysis on public posts, you can do it. If you follow some rules, you can extend the public database with your results, so others can operate on top of it and extend visualisation. check the specifics.

If you used the Alpha version

feel free to remove TamperMonkey and the previous extension. Thank You for your support. The insight we get has been necessary to reach this stage of maturity.

Note: the database of the alpha has been deleted from server and there are no backup: decision has been took because was pointless preserve data with an uncertain privacy model.

The experience got during the Alpha

The initial development phase went since June 2016 to September, then the alpha stage last since the begin of September to the begin of December. The goal of the alpha was showing the project, get person engaged, understand assets, concerns and priorities. It went fairly well:

Why the parsing can't be client side?

because Facebook changes often the HTML structure, and sometime changes only for a small group of users. The analysis might be broken most of the time if we do that, and we can measure it only when it is later. #truestory:

The new phase has still a publicly downloadale database and open data describing our collected meta data


The problem addressed here is huge and cross sector. There are things to be done if you are a social analyst, software developer, community manager, graphic designer, fundraiser. The time is tight: self-management and shared vision has to be enough in this phase. Unlucky we can't offer any money yet. The project is alive since 6 months, another 3 month roadmap is defined between the beta in December and first stable release in March August 2017. Only this promise can be make: if you get onboard, your effort will not be wasted and you'll be credited (and paid if we ever got fund) as best as can be done. Please get in touch: claudio ﹫tracking・exposed [replace ﹫ and ・]