A very experimental feature!

How does it work, and what might not work

  1. All the supporters that have the browser extension installed observe public posts;
  2. we pass the text observed to our partner: dandelion.eu;
  3. Dandelion analyzes the text and tries to discover which wikipedia pages are related to it. For example, if someone mentions "we can talk on hangout" Dandelion would recognize "Google" -- because Hangouts is a Google product (and you shouldn't use it!)
  4. These keywords are called "topics", and you choose which ones you want to subscribe to;
  5. The RSS post is composed based on the metadata we successfully extract from Facebook posts. This might have some problems, that's why you might see this page.

It is an experimental feature

meant to turn upside down the algorithm and watch event horizonatally

And we are working to improve it, as free software project!