This page is intended to offer you a point of view external to your usual, everyday social media immersion.

As you might guess, this is a work in progress and we like to keep the project as open as possible to a variety of collaborations. If you work on data visualisation, you are more than welcome to help us improve/extend our APIs ( and visualizations)

The tabs below, are intended to show you few profile information about you, your latest contribution and the metadata extracted by your submission. This page would became accessible only to you,soon the autentication method is still a work in progress. And a simple interface to consults posts life check the: RealityMeter.

At the moment we are not managing timezone properly, so you'll see the date shifted from GMT

The metadata extraction can go deep to the number of likes, comments, language, sentiment and so on… implementation of these analysis will be available in the next weeks

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