Make an accessible framework so anyone can analyze Facebook's newsfeed algorithm

Responsible use of algorithms

We recognise in algorithms the opportunity to elevate human potential, by organizing information in our best interest.

We think this pursuit cannot be separated from the serious responsibilities that come with it.

Users must be aware of the implication of personalization algorithms they use, while professionals and companies have a moral obligation to be as transparent and fair as possible in their designs.

Critical thinking

We consider critical thinking the most important element of an healthy relationship with technology.

It pushes us to evaluate risks and opportunities, to search for answers. It allows us to question the world, instead of just accepting the establishment.

Shared knowledge

We think the greatest equalizer between users and companies is knowledge: it levels the playfield and allows the users to take informed decisions about the risks and advantages of technology.

This is why we advocate an open approach to knowledge and do our best to share what we know.

Facebook users that want to take back control
Journalist and analysts, interested in personalization algorithms
Researchers collecting data with control groups in Facebook

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