Statistics & Bar charts

adoption trends, system performances, and few lines on open data

Statistics and OpenData enable network effects, data reuse, and collaborative revision of our project. But they are tricky and can’t be released carelessly:

New adopters

Newcomers is the number of people installing the extension. In every day the sum of new installations is counted.

Last access (a.k.a recently active supporters)

Here the graph displays the number of active supporters, for the last time, in the correspondent day.


timelines are the number of newsfeed observed by the browser extension. skipped are all the pages except the newsfeed, which are excluded from being collected.


impressions is what our browser extension might collect. Public are the only one we consider, it is a decision take in the browser, based on the visibility configured by the content author. Posts only for friends or with Custom audience are considered private.

Processing pipeline

below a graph on how our parsers are performing: how many HTMLs have been parsed successfully or not.

Metadata info

The project of metadata extraction (data mining) happen with HTML parsers and this graph display how our parser are performing.