as open project, we need new people joining

We play over a concrete, actionable list of steps to challenge the biggest corporation of the world. Let's give a try?

To simplify the volunteering onboarding process, there are three degree of effort you can do, to be involved in the project. You’ll have agency and rensponsabilities at the third level, some tasks at the second. You’ll be mentioned on the about page when you reach the third.

First step: know as bit of us

Read our most recent publications marked as articles, they are the shortest. If you want to read also ’longform’ or ‘videos’, you welcome!

Find a friend, install together the browser extension.

Engage with a friend you’ll test your ability of talking about the project, and you’ll understand what is not correctly explained by us. Plus, you’ll test how much you want to be dedicated on this, this small task need some effort, but it proves at least to you, how much you care on this.

If you don’t have Facebook (congraturation!) you should create a dummy profile. You might find helpful these notes on how to how to create a research persona.

Install browser extension

Second step: get into the process.

Join our MatterMost channel, say helo.

Based on your experience made at the first step if you found something unclear, you need to open a github account (is the only way to interact with the software project),

Please! Read carefully the existing open tickets, what is listed there would be addressed with a certain time, and then reported in our monthly report. In the mattermost channel we can have a discussion about your issue, before you open it on github.

Third step: take an active role.

Now is time for you to specialize and find out what you can do best:

Conclusion? Complexity in volunteering

It require time and planning from our side. We should do knowledge transfert, weekly support, constant updates. The goal is having new people which shares our value and become independent in actions. We should aim to an inclusive, growing self-sustaining system, and there is not a cookbook because every community is different.