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Our code is released under as GPL free software license, and content produced under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY). This is part of a larger plan, check our tracking.exposed to know more.


Chat with us on Mattermost, (kindly hosted by Security Without Border): Channel #trackingexposed

Our Facebook group, where we should manage experiments (but, actually, is not happening) is Personalisation Algorithms, because there is where the adopters of fbTREX are.

The email for non-personal inquiry is support at tracking dot exposed - Project leader is Claudio Agosti, claudio at tracking dot exposed.


active people

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Facebook Tracking Exposed is the first project part of the Tracking Exposed umbrella, it started in Summer 2016 as concept, December 2016 the working prototype and here you can find the project status and vision updated to December 2018. It is Free Software project, get out our github repos: browser extension, backend.