The team below is volunteer based. The project is managed as a GPL free software community, part of a larger plan:


Our Facebook page: Personalisation Algorithms

Surprised? afterall, is where the adopters are...

Telegram bot: fbTREX updates

The issue trackers:

an e-mail


Mattermost channel #trackingexposed

2018-2019 Sponsor and Partners

Dandelion, Spaziodati

semantic analysis engine


Academic parner

Center Cultivation of Technology

where you can donate! ;)

Who's working on this?

Claudio Agosti
director and project lead
Umberto Boschi
developer and project management
Federico Sarchi
data analysis and research
Giovanni Civardi
sysadmin and first very sponsor ;)
Costantino Carugno
data analysis and advocate
Barbara Gianessi
editing and various help
Sophie Charleson
editing and communication

Past Sponsor and Partners

DigitalFund (2017)

successfully got our first small grant.

WebFoundation (2017)

for the join research

Past contributors which we can't forget

Andrea Raimondi
project management and concept analysis
Greg McMullen
privacy and legal assessment
project management, strategy
Alberto Granzotto
web-extension developer
Raffaele Angus
researcher, italian elections analysis
Gilberto Conti