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The team below is volunteer based. If you have questions, please mail support﹫tracking・exposed; We have a Facebook page, to organize experiments on the social media sphere, please join us on Personalisation Algorithms.

The team needs to grow diverse and multicultural; The whole goal of facebook.tracking.exposed can be reached only through a global and inclusive community able to critic the algorithms from multiple points of views. The current team suffer this limit because the project, so far, has been presented mostly in italian and german hacker events. This has been driven by opportunities and is not a self-segregating decision.

Contributor Team

Who What
Alberto Granzotto Programmer
Cristina Carnevali (Kiki) Frontend developer
Claudio Agosti Programmer, Director
Gilberto Conti Programmer
Greg McMullen Policy
OpenSensorsData Advisor (Andrea Raimondi, Luca Corsato)
Louis Holbrook Parser developer
Faffa Idoteo what I can write here? ♥
Pierpaolo Pantone Parser developer