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Understanding the topics Facebook chooses to show you

Welcome! you should be a concerned Facebook user or researcher

Do you feel like a lab rat being emotionally manipulated when you use Facebook simply to hear about things going on with your friends and in the world?

If you are interested in understanding how Zuck & Co. at 1 Hacker Way think you want to be seeing the world, this tool is for you!

Learn How It Works

Algorithm accountability might be done, scientifically, in five methods. Considering the power structure of Facebook and our current access to their internal logic, only the black-box analysis is the viable solution left to us.

First step: Collect evidence

Install facebook.tracking.exposed browser extension

Second step: Consent on processing your data

Actually, we won't need your consent by GDPR, because we do not profile nor give your personal data outside our organization, but we might extend this list with all the optional form of data-reuse, if there would be an update you'll see a new popup asking consent, and just to remember, our extension:
α Analyzes the stories visible in your Facebook Newsfeed
β fbtrex only collects posts that are flagged as “Public” on Facebook, meaning anyone in the world could view these posts, even if they do not have a Facebook account.
γ You have the right to delete what you record, we don't take copy
δ You have exclusive access to it, and our analysis consider you anonymously and don't perform analysis meant to profile anyone. We look for phenomenas of algorithmic manipulation.

Third step: Navigate on Facebook

The banner above can be disabled if annoys you. If the post is not collected, because it is seen as Custom Audience/'s Only/Closed Group, you'll see a different graphics:

In such cases, the extension records "the presence of an impression" but nothing about the content.

Fourth step: Access to fbtrex

From the extension you can get a Unique Link, by clickon on Evidence List. Do not share such link.

Five step: Play with our tool

The page show the evidence collected, and this is nothing unusual for you! In the end, it is only a sub-group of what you saw on your Facebook. How can this be used?
α To show to other people how you are getting informed. Download your data in CSV and play with our data analysis dashboard, in python.
β To compare with other people how you know differently a topic, what instruction below.
γ To coordinate tests with people: be creative! we've to write an article about this.

Evidence List


Fetching your data from our server

Error while accessing to data

Not Enough Data

We do not yet have enough Facebook data to show you an analysis.
Please continue to browse Facebook with our extension installed.

About Facebook Tracking Exposed

Dear friend, thanks for supporting the facebook.tracking.exposed initiative.

We care a lot about your privacy and we want to be as transparent as possible, that's why:

  • The extension collects only public posts. For clarity, each post in your newsfeed is enriched with a header showing its visibility.
  • We have a Privacy Statement that describes what data we collect, and why.
  • We release only free, open source code everyone can audit.

Join our Facebook community page to stay updated, or chat with us if you want to get engaged. Check also our public stats.